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I DEVOURED your book. It took me all of 24 hours to read it and I _thoroughly_ enjoyed it. It was all the things that make a great book great: it was inspiring, adventurous, HOT, and intellectually challenging. It gave me lots to think about.

While I was reading it, I couldn't help but see the connection between my Tai Chi study here in Beijing and some of the concepts about conscious silence that you were talking about in the book. There are so many paths to reach the same ultimate peace and calm, aren't there? You also touched on Buddhist meditation and I have done some studying in this area too.

Thank you so very much for sending it to me. It was a welcome treat in the mail and a fantastic journey that you took me on. After reading it, I felt truly inspired to write more myself!!

Please keep me posted on your next release!

All the best,

I would be delighted if you could sign one of them for me personally!  The other copy is to pass around to friends and family.  A lovely young Aussie adventurer working at the Prairie Hotel, Parachilna (base of the Flinders Ranges in outback SA) was kind enough to lend me her copy for a few days while we drove up to Lake Eyre to see it in flood. Interesting and riveting book!  I found it to be a blend of traditional Tibetan Buddhism,  How To Satisfy A Woman Every Time and a magical mystery tour.  Very clever.  I will pass it on to appropriate fellow ‘travellers’ in my life.


Thank you for your wonderful book, that I have lent to my ex-husband, as I felt his love making techniques could take a lesson, but did not say that of course. I need to read it again twice more, 2 for me and one for the Author. The first time around I usually enjoy the logistics of a book, and yours lived up to this greatly, as you mentioned places in and around L.A. that are so familiar to me. One of my favorite restaurants is in Big Sur, Ventana. So all your locations were a turn on. Also liked the pace of the book, I was never bored, not that I am at anytime. I enjoyed the characters, all larger than life, and how it all unfolded back to his computer mate.

I read it while I was skiing in Finland this year. After a hard day on the slopes I would limp a bit and feign fatigue. "You'd better go swimming without me" I'd tell the family with a pained expression so that I could get another 40 minutes with all the amazing characters. Where did he get that story from? Wouldn't it be great if he is secretly working on Good Vibrations and it's nearly ready? I want it, don't we all! What a feel good story too.


Hey sean, just finished reading 'The Roadless Traveller' and loved it !!!!!!! The way it unfolds throughout the story in an almost abstract way yet makes so much sense at the same time :) Before i even read any references of Eckhart tolle I was already seeing the comparrisons yet this is the first book of its kind (that i am aware of) that all the messages the reader gets to ponder of 'real' life and the universe are put into such a captivating storyline. Loved the sexual scenes...... defiently got my heart pumping! Think i'll read it again in a few weeks to really absorb it some more. Thanks again -


Whatsup man,

I just finished reading your book right NOW ! And i must say I enjoyed it a lot. It was entertaining, sexy, and most importantly talks about some very important and true things about life. I don't know if you wrote some other book or if you're planning on doing it but I would be glad to read more from you...


I've just finished your book. I have one major criticism. It's too short! Now what am I gonna do?... Tried dragging out the last 20 pages a page at a time. Hurry! Write another. Start now. I insist.


Hi Sean,
I am in the early chapters of your book "The Roadless Traveller" and just want to let you know how entertaining I am finding it! I love the pace and upbeat tone and the clear and direct way you write - making complicated scenarios seem simple, and pertinent life matters light and transparent. My partner (a pilot and long term backpacker) and I were reading your opening speel about "airports" the other night and rolling around with laughter. He has been fighting me for the book when we go to bed :-) Can't wait to read the rest!   

Cheers and keep writing :-)

Well done to you – when is the sequel????? I WANT TO READ MORE!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to write to say that I very much enjoyed reading your book! For someone like me who can't seem to find the time to read these days, and who's forever stacking books on her nightstand and never reading them, I am happy to report that I couldn't put your little book down.


I am on my second reading of your book, and enjoying it all over again.

Hi there,
I did get the book, thank you so much! I would have gotten in touch with you sooner but I got the book just as I was leaving for a work trip - very interesting!
Great plot and storyline, very captivating! Must admit when I started reading it on the plane, got a very weird sense of someone looking over my shoulder!
Thanks again, I loved it.

sean--- wow that was the most interesting book i've ever had the pleasure of reading. several times while reading i found myself "in the now" thank you. simply amazing! thanks again.

I bought the book on Sun 24 Feb at 4.30pm from Mary Ryan book shop in Park Road Milton. I started reading it as soon as I got home and finally put it down at 1.00am Mon morning (got interrupted with having to make dinner etc.) with just 10 pages to go!! I just could not keep my eyes open any more and did not want to half read it and miss any of it.

I picked it up again on Monday afternoon and finished it!!! WOW – I LOVED IT. I also bought my own copy of the Power of Now and am currently re-reading it.


I have just finished your book and I had to jump straight on here and congratulate you on a wonderful piece of writing you have created!!

I read your book cover to cover today, something I haven't done in a LONG time. I was constantly drawn to see what 'adventure' was going to happen next.

I already have a list in my head of people I will be passing your book to.

Congratulations again on your book. It was truly a pleasure to read. I will be thinking on it for a while to come I imagine.


I've just finished reading your debut publication 'The Roadless Traveller' and have to say I really enjoyed it. You've got a great message in there, and I hope it spreads far and wide as it should. Keep it up!


Hey Sean, 

Robert here, the musician from the last Houseconcert at the House with no walls. We swopped book for CD, remember? I read your book on my tour and I must say it’s really f****ing good, mate! Well done! Great story, great insights, and funny and sexy too. It really inspired me, and it connects to many other things I watched and read in that field. Have you ever watched “What the bleep do we know”? If not, I guess you might like that one …

All the best back from Germany, Robert

Robert Carl Blank




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