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May 17, 2017

The Road to the Heart is now available in Paperback!  Check Amazon in your country or in Australia,
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January 13, 2017

Book Three in The Roadless Traveller Series - Now Available!

Find out what happened to Hollie and Cynthia while Blazer and Jack were in the South Seas in The Road To the Heart! Available as an ebook now on Amazon. Click here!


July 15, 2015

The Roadless Traveller Podcast now available. Conversations with Roadless Travellers I have known!

Click here!  The Roadless Traveller Podcast


February 16, 2012

Building a Boat in your Backyard!


In 1974, my sister Roxanne and her husband, Jeannot invited me to build a ferro-cement boat and sail it to Tahiti. In 1976 we put The Nausicaa into the water in Marina Del Rey, California. Two weeks later, we set sail for Tahiti, via Catalina (a small island 22 miles off the coast of L.A.)

Everything that could go wrong - did.

A trip which normally takes around 21 days ended up taking 42 days. This was due to losing use of our Main Mast as well as losing the engine. Our hydrolic steering system broke and so we had to tie two ropes to the rudder and pulled on them, one side or the other, to steer.

As a young 20 year old, I went a bit stir crazy, totally convinced that we would never make it.

These are the experiences I have built into the story of Beyond The Road

Most of the things described in Beyond the Road, actually happened.

Check out more pictures here!

February 15, 2012


Do we really have a choice? How often do we exercise it?

I woke up this morning, said "Hi" to Angel (Ani's cat) and opened the door for her. I had a drink of water, put my coffee maker on the stove and sat down to find out what is happening on the outside by looking through my window to the world which is my laptop. I wouldn't want to miss anything!

I checked out Facebookland, my emails, my calendar, booksales, what's on tv tonight, etc. Then I realized that I was falling into a trance. I knew from past experience that this trance could last for hours and only when I came out of it would I fathom how much time had gone by.

In that moment I woke up, so to speak, to the fact that just outside my door was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, a cool breeze was blowing, and about five minutes walk away, was one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Sound too good to be true? I know! And yet here I was trying to decide whether to stay where I was, staring at a computer screen, or go for a walk/run along the beach. I can't believe I even had to think about it? I mean, what is there to think about? And yet ... something was saying to me, "Don't worry about that beach, it'll be there tomorrow. If you go out, you'll have to put clothes on, get a hat out of the car, find your shoes - what a hassle!"

Well, I'm happy to report to you that I made the right choice this time. But it really made me think, "how often do we have choices, which seem like no-brainers, and yet we still fall into our old patterns and choose the easy or comfortable or routine - the rut?"

And it's not just about what you do each day, if you go to a job everyday, you may not have a lot of choice about that. But, you can choose whether you amble through the day in a trance, or you dance through the day in joy.

Do you ignore the people you pass on the street or do you smile at them and say 'hello!'. It's surprising how many people respond to a smile with a smile, even when they look so far away from a smile in the first place.

How are you going to choose to live your life today? There are no second chances, this is it!


February 9, 2012

Launch Pictures!

Thank you to everyone who came to the launch of "Beyond The Road"! It was a wonderful night with lots of old and new friends. You can see pictures of the event here - Launch Photos

Special thanks to Annie from Annie's books in Peregian, Deb Parry - my publicist, Julia, Geoff, and David - the owners of Trio's Restaurant for having us and Tilly Hinton - photographer extraordinaire!

I'm thinking of sending out a weekly Blazer Madison anecdote, be sure to sign up to the mail-list to recieve that!

I'm off to Bunya Dreaming on the weekend, should be interesting and fun!






February 3, 2012

Launch and Interview

Don't forget about the upcoming launch for "Beyond The Road" on February 8, 2012 at Trio's Restaurant in Tewantin! It starts at 5:30pm and all are welcome! Please RSVP so we can get an idea of numbers (nearly 150 so far!) to Annie's Books on 07 54482053.

Also, be sure to check out the fun interview I had with Mary-Lou Stephens on ABC Coast FM last week. Mary-Lou is a great interviewer and we had a lot of fun talking about the new book.

You can hear the interview by clicking here!

See you at the launch!



January 27, 2012

Here at last!

After many readings, rewrites and critique by my wonderful team of editors -Tilly, Rebecca, and Rachael - as well as many late nights with my designer, Andy and email conferences with my amazing cover artist - Matt O'Callaghan,

'Beyond the Road', the long awaited sequel to 'The Roadless Traveller' is here!

The first book launch will be at Trio's restaurant, Noosa Harbour. The date is February 8th, 2012 at 5:30pm. Free entry with a cash bar. Love to see you there! Call Annie's books to rsvp on - 07 5448 2053.

Not only can you order your copy of either book directly from me via this website, but now you can have an ebook download from Amazon.com for only about three dollars for each book!

Click here to visit the S. Sëan Tretheway author page for details.


August 31 , 2011


'Beyond the Road', the long awaited sequel to 'The Roadless Traveller' is almost here!

I am hoping for a November release, but before then I am looking for your support in this 3+ year project.

I am offering special discounts on the new book as well as bundles (in case you gave your copy of 'The Roadless Traveller' away and want to read it again).

Click on the 'Beyond The Road' tab at the top of the page for details!

Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement!


May 12, 2011

I have been travelling the U.S. for the past four months. I started with a weekend in San Francisco at a conference given by The Authentic Man Program all about connecting with people on a deep level. That really set the tone for the rest of my adventure! It's a beautiful feeling when you can open your heart and really "get" someone's world.

Next was a week in Las Vegas at a magic convention. After being blown away by some of the worlds greatest magicians for a week, my brain needed a serious rest!

I met my love partner, Tilly, in Palm Springs and we drove to Northern California, visiting some amazing sights including: Salvation Mountain, Death Valley, Amargosa, Redwood forests, and so much more!

I also had a week in Hawaii where I swam with a bale of giant turtles and, in another instance, a pod of about 50 dolphins in the open sea.

You can see a vid of the dolphins here!

I'm currently on Orcas Island in Washington State, visiting my family. It's an amazingly beautiful place and I feel so grateful to be here!

One more week in Las Vegas for another magic convention, and then I will be back in Oz where I plan to finalize the new book!

I have been working on "Beyond the Road" sproadically during my travels and intend on sending it to the printer by late June! It seems that every experience I have been having tempers my beliefs and the things I am writing about. The universe just keeps putting stuff in front of me and says, "What about this?"

As a celebration of the upcoming release, I am offering free shipping anywhere in the world for "The Roadless Traveller" right up until "Beyond the Road" comes out.

I will also be offering a pre-release special for "Beyond" soon, so watch this space!

You can see pics from my travels by friending me on Facebook. Click here to open a new window of that page. And don't forget to "like" The Roadless Traveller page! You can find that here, or you can click the "like" button on the home page of this website.

Happy Friday the 13th tomorrow!



Jan 11, 2011

Flood victim Appeal. $5 of every sale from this site until January 13th (inclusive) will be donated towards the Queensland, Australia flood victims appeal. Or you can donate direct here - Queensland Flood Victims Appeal.

DEC 29, 2010
A sunny day in Queensland, Australia, at last! And new website up and running! Thank you Arkin Mackay! Check back for details of upcoming photo contest.

DEC 14, 2010
Final draft of 'Beyond the Road (the adventure continues)' finished and sent to editors!

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